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Alloy wheels and steel wheels are available at Thanks to an advanced database, Tyre Company can offer the best products for every car. It is also possible to order a complete set including installation. The tyres and wheels will be installed and balanced on the location chosen by you. Compose the best set for your car! Select the brand of your car and model, and follow the instructions. Combine the unlimited amount of tyres and wheels until you have found your unique combination in our broad selection. Can’t figure it out? The employees of are ready to assist you with selecting the perfect tyres and/or wheels.

In the current society, it has become more common to shop online. It is possible for everyone to buy the right wheels and/or tyres at Tyre Company, even if you have no knowledge about cars at all! has the biggest selection of wheels and tyres in Europe. If you cannot find a certain tyre or wheel, please contact our customer service. Tyre Company offers a lowest price guarantee for every webshop. In this way, you can safely order tyres and/or wheels on a webshop in your familiar surroundings. It is also possible to have the ordered products mounted under your car. There are different reputable partner companies in all of Europe standing by for you. Curious where you can go in your own area? Click here for the complete partner list in the UK.

effi. grip perf xl
215 / 55 R16 - 97H
£ 91.44
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Rolling resistance A Adhesion A
69 db
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c-drive 2 xl
215 / 55 R16 - 97V
£ 111.96
Price for one
Rolling resistance F Adhesion B
74 db
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215 / 55 R16 - 93V
£ 110.88
Price for one
Rolling resistance C Adhesion B
70 db
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